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Parental Commitment

  • See that child is punctual and attends school regularly
  • Encourage positive attitudes about school
  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline
  • Meet with teachers to discuss needs of child reflected by school messages and reports
  • Encourage good study habits at home
  • Monitor after-school and home activities which may interfere with progress at school
  • Be aware of what is going on with my child at home and at school


Teacher Commitment

  • Provide information to the parent and student on the student's progress
  • Be punctual to class and prepared to teach the day's lesson
  • Be aware of what is going on in the class room and take responsibility for what happens there
  • Use entire class period for instruction
  • Provide homework that is relevant and grade and return it in a timely manner
  • Have high expectations for myself, students, and other staff
  • Respect cultural, ethnic, and racial differences
  • Treat all students fairly
  • Respond to parental requests for information in a timely manner


Student Commitment

  • Be responsible for homework, classwork, and make-up work
  • Be responsible for being punctual to and prepared for all classes
  • Be responsible for my own behavior and choices
  • Ask for help when I need it
  • Respect myself and all others
  • Respect the property of others
  • Cooperate with teachers, administrators, and peers
  • Have high expectations for myself and my teachers
  • Comply with the rules

Elementary Bully Report

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This information will be kept confidential with your campus administrator and/or superintendent.

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