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Dual Credit

Kimbery Hasley

 Dual Credit Classroom Proctor \Para Education 

Kimberly Hasley  

Dual Credit

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) defines dual credit as a system in which an eligible high school student enrolls in college course(s) and receives credit for the course(s) from both the college and high school. Dual credit courses may be taught on the high school campus by an approved instructor or on the college campus. Dual credit courses include both academic and technical courses.

Benefits of taking Dual Credit Courses

  • Gain first-hand experience with college-level work while attending high school
  • Transition more smoothly between high school and college
  • Transfer credits earned in high school to Texas public colleges and universities
  • Complete a postsecondary degree faster
  • Save money on college tuition